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Value Added Services, Merchandiser and Merchandising Techniques

Value added services are an essential part of the wholesaler/retailer relationship. The Class Produce Group offers value added and merchandising services that can and have helped their customers at the retail level. The Class Produce Group’s Merchandiser acts as a support system for their customers. The Merchandiser has the ability to get into your facility and find out just what exactly is happening at store level, and relays that information back to the necessary contacts at Class. Building relationships with produce managers is crucial in gathering the information for offering the most quality services to our customers. We can provide support to the produce department in each of the following areas:

Media Kits

  • Offer POS material for supplied products
  • Offer insight on the industry through articles and other information obtained
  • Periodically offer produce handbooks which offer recipes for customers with produce items

Theme Sale Events

  • Merchandiser conducts demonstrations in stores
  • Our Corporate Chef can offer demos of new products or promotional products
  • Merchandiser also assists in produce department resets
  • Merchandising techniques offered so customers can get the most out of their displays

These are services we currently offer with our merchandising program. Our Merchandiser is open to discussing other services you may be interested in that may not be mentioned above.