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The Class Produce Group COVID-19 Response Plan

It has been and will continue to be the policy of The Class Produce Group to operate with the safety of our team members, customers, and communities as a top priority. As it relates to COVID-19, our goal is to maintain a safe workplace and adopt practices to ensure business operations continue with minimal interruption. While the COVID-19 pandemic is changing day by day, we want to reassure you that the following standards are in place:

  • Food Safety and Sanitation:
    • Increased hand washing
    • Increased illness monitoring
    • Mandatory hand sanitizing at all entry points and throughout the facility
    • Increased strategies for illness precautions
    • More aggressive and frequent cleaning of touch surfaces with CDC recommended and EPA approved disinfectant
  • Operations and Business Continuity:
    • Enhanced visitor restriction policies
    • Enhanced restriction protocols for inbound/outbound drivers
    • Where possible, accommodations for a remote workforce
    • Internal COVID-19 action team established
    • Contingency plans in place to support continued operations

The Class Produce Group retains the right to update our COVID-19 Response Plan in response to recommendations given by government institutions and/or management.