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Our Mission

We are a family-owned business in food distribution that strives to fill our customers’ needs while maintaining excellent relationships with all shippers, associates, and customers. Our flexibility to customize to our customers' needs is one of the hallmarks of our reputation for customer service. We are a company that originated over 70 years ago. We distribute fresh fruits and vegetables over a 500-mile radius including, but not limited to Baltimore/Washington, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. During that time, our company has built an excellent reputation for quality, service and dependability.

We are a wholesale company and not a grower; therefore, we can choose from whom we buy our products. We only buy from the best growers who pack superior quality. We have an excellent credit rating which affords us the power to purchase the best quality produce at or below market price. The “Blue Book”, which is a Produce Company rating service, gives us one of the highest ratings possible. This excellent rating is a combination of our high credit rating and our prompt payment practices.


Quality, Value & Service

Service to us means: dependability, consideration, and communication.

Quality: We are constantly going over quality standards with our packers. One measure we tell our packers to use is to never pack anything that they would not buy themselves.  We have fair and competitive pricing. We have alliances with the best grower and shippers, and a reputation that is second to none.