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Fresh Cut Processing

CPG Fresh Cuts

Fresh cut produce brings consistency and quality to foodservice and retail. Product is uniform in size and weight, and ready to serve. Our fresh cut program eliminates product waste, reduces labor costs, and requires less storage.

What makes our Fresh-Cut Program Right For You?

  • Cost Control: You know your true portion cost
  • Refrigerated Space: 100% usable product takes less cooler space
  • Predictable Yield: Order exact needs, reduce waste, hit your numbers
  • Food Safety: Assure customer’s food safety while insulating yourself from processing liability
  • Stable Cost: Our buying power and production expertise smooth out volatile prices
  • Labor Cost: Solve the challenge of hidden cost and uncertain productivity

Food Safety

  • Fully Staffed QA team
  • Stringent inbound inspection regimen
  • Continuous monitoring and record keeping of production processes and parameters
  • Independent facilities microbial testing regimen
  • Strong trace recall program
  • FDA registered facility
  • Compliant with Bio terrorism laws
  • Fully secure building
  • Surveillance system
  • Approved vendors only
  • Kosher certified
  • Certified organic

We offer a private labeling program. Your logo can be applied directly to the product by sticker, printed on boxes or applied to various consumer packs. Of course if preferred, we can use our Jean’s Classy Pack brand name.